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Krebs 8th grade students tour the Oklahoma City Zoo

Krebs Public School’s 8th grade GEAR UP students recently traveled to Oklahoma City to tour the Oklahoma City Zoo. The tour began at the Rosser Conservation Education Center where Education Instructor Abby Hurt presented the program “Animal Training in Zoos” to the 26 GEAR UP students. Hurt stated animals are ambassadors and assist with saving them. She provided students with valuable information regarding why animals are trained stating it provides mental stimulation, allows the animals to assist with providing services, husbandry (helping them in their day to day lives), assisting with medical purposes as animals do not have the ability

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Whitesboro GEAR UP students visit the Oklahoma City Zoo

Twenty–three Whitesboro 7th and 8th grade students recently visited the Oklahoma City Zoo. Students spent the afternoon exploring the indoor and outdoor animal exhibits offered by the Oklahoma City Zoo. They discovered different habitats such as Sanctuary Asia which encompasses the elephant pavilion and habitat. The 14.5 acres is home to the newborn elephant, Kairavi. They visited the Great EscApe, a habitat designed specifically for the Zoo’s apes. Students ventured through the Noble Aquatic Center, home to Red pandas, meerkats, anteaters as well as sea lions, piranhas, clownfish and many more. The Zoo’s Herpetarium and Island Life exhibits featured Galapagos

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Krebs 7th grade GEAR UP students tour Oklahoma City Zoo and Botanical Garden

Krebs 7th grade GEAR UP students recently traveled to Oklahoma City to tour the Oklahoma City Zoo and Botanical Garden. The tour began at the Rosser Conservation Education Center. Education Instructor Tess Botkin presented the program “Animal SOS” to the GEAR UP students. She discussed threats to animals including habitat destruction, invasive species, pollution, poaching, and over harvesting, as well as how individuals can assist with conservation. Botkin introduced the students to Mischief, an albino ferret; Java, a marine toad; and Chia, a chinchilla during the presentation. Students ate lunch at the East Room where they were provided pizza and

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Atoka GEAR UP students tour Oklahoma City Zoo

Ninety-three GEAR UP students from Atoka Public Schools recently toured the Oklahoma City Zoo located in Oklahoma City’s Adventure District. Students enjoyed exploring the zoo which is home to more than 1,900 animals. The exhibits include an Asian themed section that houses the elephant habitat with outdoor yards, pools, waterfalls and a barn which can be viewed from a raised boardwalk. The students were also intrigued by the Cat Forest/Lion overlook containing species of big and small cats. Another popular exhibit was Oklahoma Trails featuring animals native to Oklahoma including black bears, alligators, bison and over two dozen snakes. The

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