Eastern Oklahoma State College has partnered with The Princeton Review to offer Tutor.com’s Homework Help program to current GEAR UP students. Students from partner schools who are currently enrolled in GEAR UP can access the program 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It provides them with one-on-one live tutoring with a highly-qualified tutor in a variety of subjects including math, science, social studies, writing, and foreign language. It also features a drop-off essay review service. Experienced writers will proofread or critique a submitted paper to find improvements or make suggestions. EOSC GEAR UP is providing these services to our students at no cost to them, their parents, or their schools. In addition, there are videos and practice tests available on the site to help prepare for exams such as the ACT, AP, or standardized testing.

To get started, you will need your username and password, which should be available from your school’s Tutor Coordinator or your EOSC GEAR UP Education Coordinator. Simply log on from any device that has an internet connection and a web browser; it can be a computer, laptop, tablet or phone. Below you will find more useful information about the program and how to log in and get started, including a “How To” video guide at the bottom of the page.

10 Things Teachers Should Know About Homework Help
10 Things Parents Should Know About Homework Help

If you would like to take some time and learn how to use the various tools and applications available in a tutoring session, click the link below to enter an “offline” practice tutoring. No one is connected on the other end, so you have time to explore on your own.

Practice Classroom

For questions about the site, please email: studentsupport@tutor.com
For help with your login/password: email: gututorhelp@eosc.edu
Or, contact your school’s Tutor Coordinator or your Education Coordinator

When you are ready to get started, click the link below:
Launch Tutoring Session

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