Quinton GEAR UP students visit the Gathering Place

Quinton Junior and Senior GEAR UP students recently visited the Gathering Place in Tulsa, OK. The George Kaiser Family Foundation is where the story began for this dynamic and interactive environment. Earning the title of a top attraction in the nation, The Gathering Place is located along the Arkansas River and is known as Tulsa’s Riverfront Park.

GEAR UP students learned about the Landscapes and Cityscapes in the classroom before attending the trip. Once at the Park, the students explored the PSO Reading Tree, the Ramble Sensory Garden, the Chapman Adventure Playground, and the Skywalk Forest. Students learned that many of the play features and furniture located throughout the Park were recycled from the trees that were removed from the site during the construction process.

The students received a list of upcoming spring and summer events that will be taking place at the Park.. GEAR UP student Jacob Adams stated, “This park is like the art gallery of parks.”

The field trip was sponsored by Eastern Oklahoma State College GEAR UP. Eastern received a $17 million federal GEAR UP grant in 2017 and will serve more than 3,000 students in 39 area schools for seven years.

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