Wister GEAR UP Students Take a Virtual Tour of Southeastern Oklahoma State University

Wister freshman and sophomore GEAR UP students recently participated in a virtual college tour of Southeastern Oklahoma State University (SOSU), the home of the Savage Storm. The students met with Recruiter Steven Harris via Zoom. Harris started the tour by asking the students about their future career interests. After viewing a short video, Harris discussed the top majors SOSU offers, including Safety and Aviation. Harris also reviewed the SOSU programs that the students showed interest in earlier on the tour. He encouraged students to find a college that was a good fit for them and to get involved on campus. Harris discussed a variety of opportunities on campus, including financial aid and scholarships, internships, clubs, organizations, and student life on campus. He discussed with students the housing options available on campus. Wister students were given the difference of cost for an individual vs. shared room. The virtual tour provided the students with a look at life on a college campus. Harris concluded the session with a question and answer period with the students. The field trip was sponsored by Eastern Oklahoma State College GEAR UP. Eastern received a $17 million federal GEAR UP grant in 2017 and will serve more than 3,000 students in 39 area schools for seven years.

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