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Wilburton seventh and eighth grade students tour the Tulsa Zoo

Wilburton seventh and eighth Grade GEAR UP students recently visited the Tulsa Zoo. The 85-acre, non-profit Zoo is home to various types of wildlife. Students roamed, ran, and played while learning about various species. The Zoo has many different exhibits with animals housed in recreated natural environments. The students explored several various exhibits such as the Robert J. LaFortune Wild Life Trek. This exhibit is a four-building complex that focuses on animals from around the world and their adaptations to life in the water, desert, forest, and cold. Students then visited the Helmerich Sea Lion Cove where they learned about

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Indianola GEAR UP students visit the Oklahoma City Zoo

Twenty-seven Indianola seventh and eighth grade GEAR UP students recently visited the Oklahoma City Zoo. Students began the day by participating in Animal S.O.S. (Save Our Species), which is only one of 18 educational programs the zoo offers. Abby Hurt, OKC Zoo Educator, discussed with students about endangered species in Oklahoma and around the world as well as ways people can help those animals. Students learned H.I.P.P.O., which stands for Habitat Destruction, Invasive Species, Pollution, Poaching, and Overhunting, all of which have endangered various species throughout the world. “It is so important for us to educate our youth and ignite

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