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Moyers GEAR UP students explore the Museum of the Red River

Students from Moyers seventh and eighth grades recently explored The Museum of the Red River in Idabel. Leading their tour was Brian Hendershot, Head of Communications and Outreach. The museum is home to over 30,000 cultural objects. The museum houses may object from around the world and displays them on a rotating basis in the museum. The museum recently hosted their grand re-opening after several galleries had been closed due to an expansion of the building. The museum had reached its limits in storage and needed to make room for more displays of their many artifacts. A new gallery has

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Rattan 7th grade GEAR UP students explore The Museum of the Red River

Seventh grade students from Rattan recently explored The Museum of the Red River in Idabel. The Museum is home to 30,000 cultural objects from six continents, and Oklahoma’s State Dinosaur, Acrocanthosaurus atokensis. Its exhibition program includes temporary and permanent displays, with the majority using objects drawn from its collections. The museum is hosting the exhibit Arts of the Pacific Northwest. The art of the Northwest Coast typically consists of highly stylized designs that represent people, animals or supernatural beings. The art style usually centers around form lines—lines of varying width used to delineate design fields. These design fields themselves are

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